Understanding the Psychologist Called Burrhus Frederick Skinner

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Assignment 4 Valerie Rountree Walden University Management in Human and Social Development - MGMT 8010 June 28, 2014 Understanding Burrhus Frederic Skinner B. F. Skinner was one of the most influential of American psychologists. A radical behaviorist, he developed the theory of operant conditioning, the idea that behavior is determined by its consequences, be they reinforcements or punishments, which make it more or unlikely that the behavior will be repeated again, (NNDB, 2014). His principles are still incorporated within treatments of phobias, addictive behaviors, and in the enhancement of classroom performance as well as in computer-based self-instruction, (NNDB, 2014). Skinner believed that the only scientific…show more content…
Skinner’s research added improvements to the objective methodical value of experimental behaviors he invented the “Skinner box”, which is a small sound proof chamber in which an animal could be isolated from all distractions and outside influences, responding only to the well-ordered settings within the box, (NNDB, 2014). Skinner documented his experiments and notated that his daughter Deborah was placed in a “Skinner Box”, during her early child development stages, (NNDB, 2014). There was confusion with another invention he developed called the “Baby Tender” which was an air conditioned crib with see through walls, (NNDB, 2014). The crib provided a place to sleep and to remain warm without the involvement of being wrapped in several layers of clothing or even the trouble of a babe’s blanket, (NNDB, 2014). Skinner’s daughter Deborah slept in her novel crib until she was just under three years old, and it is known that she grew up to be a happy, loving and healthy thriving child and is currently a very successful artist living in England, (NNDB, 2014). In 1948, Skinner documented his work and published his actual thoughts on child development in the Walden II, a fictional account of a behaviorist created utopia in which carefree young parents stroll off to work or school while their little ones enjoy all

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