Understanding the Reasoning Behind Homosexuals’ Civil Rights Issues

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The leading cause for counter argument throughout this paper purpose directs focus among arguments’ opposing flawed general quick reasoning toward slippery slopes that humans see logical presenting why homosexuals should not be able to marry.
II. The political fight for homosexual marriage is important not in the reasoning surrounding the topic that homosexuals should be able to marry.
A. Marriage wrap around the meaning of love.
B. The topic of children affected by homosexual parenting raises issues.
C. Homosexual civil rights is not being seen the same as heterosexuals.
III. The author’s core elements in counter argument are opinions.
A. Marriage is love.
B. Religion
C. Effects of raising children
D. Homosexuals’ rights.
IV. Civil rights applies different meaning defining marriage verses union
A. Civil rights based on evidence.
V. Author Conclusion Understanding Homosexual Issues Reasoning.
A. Love, Honor, and Commitment develop a foundation providing reasoning for marital status. Even though as the Author, I can understand the views opposing homosexuals’ marriage. As the writer of this paper, I do find further discussed opposing arguments weak for reasoning in determining homosexual not being able to marry. At the same time, understanding homosexual love for another is no different when passion inters either type of relationships. The cause of this paper is to understand the reasoning behind homosexuals’ civil right issues affecting marriage or union. Most worldly…
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