Understanding the Relationship Between Teachers and Other Proffessionals in Life Long Learning and Possible Points of Referral for Learners

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Understanding the Relationships between teachers and other professionals in lifelong learning and possible points of referral for learners.

A teachers primary role is to deliver information. The 2003 workload agreement (Woodward and Peart, 2013) not only defined the levels of work a teacher could reasonably expect but also defined the roles which would provide a framework of support to the specifics of the teaching role. Though this applies to secondary education the principles can inform teacher roles in the lifelong learning sector. A teacher must develop an awareness, understanding and professional respect of all the roles which support them in their efficacy. In the Institute of Learning's Code of Professional Conduct is states
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Upon commencement of the PTLLS course I was not able to define which benefit would ensure I would receive funding for the course fees. The teacher advised that I speak to the clerical assistant on the reception desk and she collated all my relevant information and inquire to her colleagues on the matter and I received clarification of my predicament the following week and I was able to complete the required paperwork.
Maslow (McLeod, 2007)suggests that in order to achieve actualisation for both teacher and learner their environmental needs must be attended to. This is the role of the maintenance manager, caretaker and cleaners. Their roles are to ensure adequate heating and lighting according to need and the buildings and equipment comply with all health and safety requirements as specified in the Health and Safety Act 1974 (http://www.atl.org.uk.2013) The teacher as with all other profession roles has a responsibility to communicate their requirements effectively as well as ensure all equipment and buildings are used for their intended purpose and treated with due care. The department of Education states (http://media.education.gov.uk, 2013) "Employees should follow any health and safety procedures put in place by their employer". Some roles maybe be specialised, for example, the information technology technician. When I could not access from home the files required to complete my first assignment, my teacher
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