Understanding the Root of Addiction

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“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars” (Chapin). Everyone has a story of struggle and often times it is heart-wrenching and not glamorous. Some past stories are ridden with abuse or neglect, struggle in physical ailments, and others with addiction. Addiction is absurd—it is a way of satisfying ourselves with every desire that ultimately strips us of the ability to function. The addict’s drug is subjective: alcohol, money, sex, controlled substances, food, or love, along with many others. Many people who struggle with the disease have difficulty uncovering the hidden wisdom of addiction. Doing so requires the daunting and often dangerous task of understanding where the problem came from, leading to a series of terror and anger of knowing that the drug can never be used again. For some, addiction is the sign that loudly screams that we need to find healing and take better care of ourselves. Recovery from addiction is far from easy; however, it does not and should not be done alone. When we realize that there is wisdom in the pain, it offers us a new perspective in which we can relate to others where it is near impossible to be lonely. We are a camaraderie who depend on others and organizations for support and survival. We help one another: we share bitter coffee and cigarettes, trade stories of how we ended up where we are, and offer support to conquer our disease together. Being a part of this damaged
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