Understanding the Science Rationale for the Best Course of Action in Nursing

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Introduction Nursing research is a major force in nursing and it has been judged as non-cumulative, which is neither helpful nor beneficial for Nursing Science (Kirkevold, 1997). Nursing research makes clear contributions to the development of evidence based nursing practice. Science is used in nursing when “scientists develop theories to describe, explain, predict, and control the world around us and test their theories with experiments. When we understand the scientific rationale for our actions, we can choose the best course of action for a given situation” (Schmelzer, 2008). Nursing science must be continually improved in order to provide the best patient care possible. Technology play an important role in health care. Many technologies has been proven to improve safety and efficiency of patient care. It helps freeing the nurse of non-value added activities, bring evidence for decision making at the point of care, create a better work environment for the practicing nurse, and enhance nursing workflow (Niemeier & Suchomski, 2011). This paper will address the concepts of the importance of advocating nursing research, maintaining competency in research practices, strategies to promote nurse participation in research, and how research impact on practice and health care. This paper will also examine how technology plays a role in nursing research and the effects on nursing practice. Advocating for Research in Nursing Nursing research is a scientific process that
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