Understanding the Seven Major Chakras

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I would like to welcome you to join me on my journey of learning about and understanding the seven major chakras. I am also very eager to share with you my understanding of how angels and crystals help to support and work with us through these energy centres which are with in us all.

In today's busy society it is easy to forget that we are all spiritual beings regardless of race, colour, religion and economic status. We are more than physical beings walking upon the earth going about our daily business. We are also beings of light that is always moving and swirling around and with in us all. Before I begin I would first of all give you a brief history of chakras and when it first originated.

The concept of Chakras originated in India and, were incorporated into Hinduism and Buddhism belief systems. The Upanishads which also include the Brahman Upishad and Taittiriya are believed to be the earliest mention of the Chakra system which was then adapted to Tibetan Buddhism. The Vedas also speaks about the chakras. The Vedas are four Holy books believed to date back between 1200 and 1500 BC (Sasha Fenton; 2009)

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. Each of these energy wheels rotate at their own speed and have their own unique vibration, colour, angel and crystals associated with each one as well as their own individual characteristics. Even though the chakras have their own individual vibration, colour and characteristics they all work together to support a
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