Understanding the Subject of Bullying

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Introduction: To explain and understand key terms: Theoretical, Role-playing, Assessment, and Mentoring. To help better understand the subject of bulliying and what can be done to counteract it and stop its effects from reaching the school population. It is imperative that teachers and students understand how the role of bullying plays in everyday situations and affects the mental health of victims of bullying. Through these for method action and understanding are people able to get the full scope of bullying and prevent or stop it. Theoretical "A theoretical (or conceptual) definition gives the meaning of a word in terms of the theories of a specific discipline. This type of definitionassumes both knowledge and acceptance of the theories that it depends on." (Theoretical Definitions: Constructing a 'Theory' About the Nature of a Concept 2012) An example of a theoretical dilemma from would be a discussion about bullying. -Is bullying detrimental to the health of children? -Will they be more inclined to commit suicide due to the results of being bullied? A concept such as bullying is so complicated because of the reasons behind bullying and the consequnces of bullying that it takes a theoretical approach to better understand it.The reason such definitions are called "theoretical" is due to the fact that the definitions themselves try to create a "theory" about the nature of the thing in question. A theoretical definition of "bullying" is not simply a idea of
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