Underwater Photography : An Enthusiast Of The Sport

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When thinking about a choice for the subject of this assignment, I knew I wanted to look into underwater photographers. I am a recently certified scuba diver and have quickly become an enthusiast of the sport. My recent purchase of a GoPro camera inspired my interest in photography and in taking this course. Underwater photography was naturally something I wanted to know more about. In my initial research, I found several professionals; most of whom would have been very suitable for this assignment. What intrigued me about Adriana Basques is that there are so many elements to her work that I respect; her determination, creativity, ability to inspire, and her courage, as well as her high level goals in continuing this chosen path. The first thing I was drawn to in Adriana’s work was how striking her images are. There is often a shock element, borne of her creative, determined and often fearless approach to getting the shots she wants. I like her perfectionist attitude – her desire to learn everything about her work and to strive to be excellent at it, whether it’s diving or capturing images. The final result is collection after collection of images with intense clarity, color and light, that tell a captivating story about life under the sea. However, there’s not only the shock factor, or the natural beauty of the environment in her images. She also has a strong ability to elicit emotion from the viewer. I find myself admiring her. As a previous executive for

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