Undisclosed Victims of the Holocaust

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Undisclosed Victims of the Holocaust When Germany was defeated in World War I by Britain and France they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which proclaims Germany to be responsible for all reparations of the War. It was easy for Hitler and his Nazi party to blame the wealthy Jews for not offering enough money to the country, but his anti-Semitism was completely aimed towards the Jews. By the end of 1920, the Nazi party had about 3,000 members according to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust. With an army this large Hitler felt confident enough to attempt to overthrow the government in Munich. However he failed in his endeavor and was thrown in jail by Munich authorities. While imprisoned he wrote about his ideas on racism - not only against Jews, but other groups such as homosexuals, the disabled, Gypsies, and the courageous resistors- in a book he titled “Mein Kampf,” meaning “My Struggle.” (“Nazification of Germany”) Hitler was a very sick man who believed his ideas about these people justified his mass killings. Homosexuals were a group of people singled out by the Nazi party for simply being who they were. The Holocaust Encyclopedia says homosexuality was illegal in Germany under paragraph 175 of criminal code. That is until June 28, 1935 when the Ministry of Justice revised the code allowing Nazi persecution of homosexuals. Hitler believed homosexuals were very weak and incapable of fighting for Germany. Nazis viewed them as a racial danger by claiming they
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