Undocumented Border By Erin Clark

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Undocumented Border Movement
By Erin Clark
Immigration, a controversial topic of the modern world, is often associated with illegalities of the Government. The topic continues to loom over the 21st century as more and more poverty stricken countries are under financial strain. It is the national movement of people into a country in which they are not natives or where they do not possess residency and citizenship as their own country has fallen due to possibly natural disasters, war and regime. The debate still remains as to whether immigrants; illegal or not are to be either sent back to their countries or given less opportunities than citizens of their chosen country.
People find many ways to illegally immigrate as there is no way they can cross the threshold of their chosen destination through the system. Many die, many live, but with growing cautiousness. When potential immigrants believe that the chances and benefits of successfully migrating are greater than the risks and costs, illegal immigration becomes an option. Undocumented Border Movement is a collection of works that expose and narrate illegal immigration.
Artworks express issues through the details that catch the audience’s eye, shown by artist Julio Cesar Morales; a Mexican born mixed media artist. His series Undocumented Interventions includes artworks that reflect, immigration, through which he conveys the processes of Mexicans illegally crossing the border into America; Undocumented Interventions

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