Undocumented Immigrant Experience

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Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be in scrubs, the idea of working in the hospital has always been something I wanted to do. I looked up and admired physicians as everyday heroes who worked hard to rescue those in need. Growing up I volunteered in hospitals during the summers and spent every Tuesday and Thursday night during the school year at Moses Cone Hospital taking part in their Medical Explorers program, a program designed to expose one to all the different careers available in the hospital. I was on the fast track of working towards my dream until the realities of living as an undocumented immigrant became very real. After I walked across the stage in 2005, this dream became a distant memory. Fast forward 10 years later…show more content…
Although, this part of my life is over, there will always be lessons never to be forgotten. Now, I am 27 year old college student at Guilford Technical Community College with a full time job with one of the most successful companies in the state. My job is both challenging and rewarding, but it is not the dream I had before. Health and wellness has always been important to me. I am an avid natural bodybuilder and soon to be licensed personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Health has been a core theme in my life and will never be replaced. In some respect the last 10 years has led me to this career path. The persistence of a friend to get me to join the Gym when I felt all was lost developed a love that has never broken; my drive to make a difference in people’s lives when they asked me for my help in achieving their weight loss goal; and finally, a random suggestion of a client and friend to look into physical therapy as a career when deciding on a path after my…show more content…
Personal training is about helping people learn how to get active and healthy through series of movements that enhance mobility, aesthetics, and cardiovascular health. Physical therapy is about aiding those who have lost or never had that ability to gain it at least in some moderate way. There is nothing more important to me than relationships and helping those in need. Although there are several ways to achieve this, one thing we all want is to be around for our loved ones for as long as possible. A Pediatric Physical Therapist is not just a doctor to these children and parents, but they form bonds and personal relationships. To me, this is more important, having a human element to your job where compassion and gradual improvements to the quality of someone’s life far exceed the financial rewards. Working for multimillion dollar company has brought me satisfaction in ways of personal growth, but has only shown me the ugliness of people in pursuit money. I do not nor will I ever fit that mold and I would rather change one life for the better, then make money for a business who’s only motivation is making more money. Upon completing my Associates with GTCC, I plan on transferring to UNCG to complete a bachelors in Kinesiology and Apply to UNC chapel hills Physical Therapy
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