Undocumented Immigrants

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For sixteen years, the government has attempted to pass the dream act, to no avail. The act was established for those who are not documented but wanted to pursue more, like acquiring a higher education or just doing more with their lives. Many people who live in the United States take things for granted, in particular, technology and medical help. If the act was passed, many families who move to our country will not have to worry and could focus on their bloodline. Worrying like; Where would they like to live? What are their dreams for the future? Do they want a family? These are questions that can be hard to answer for immigrants by reason of their uncertain future.
Some people plan their lives and hope for a bright forthcoming, but not everyone has that as an option. Undocumented citizens have all their chimera's thrown away just because they do not have papers, it has become unfair, not only for them but for us as a country. Oodles of talented, smart and hard working people are just passed up like hot chocolate on a mid summers day. Half of the immigrants deported could be a great mind that can lead us into the future but they are completely overlooked. "Theresa Lee, in Chicago, came to the United States undocumented….she learned to play the piano and turned out to be a prodigy….The law was very clear and curl, she would have to leave for ten years and then petition to get back in." (Barbaro) A large amount of those aliens could become prodigies but will never be given
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