Undocumented Immigration Is It Bad For The United States

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UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRATION IS IT BAD FOR THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY? Most American citizens either think or agree that immigrants are stealing their jobs, and ruining the economy; are immigrants causing Americas economy to flounder or are they holding it a float and in need of some reform and change to the immigration system. We may just need to adjust how immigration is handled to reduce that number of undocumented immigrants to reduce the unknown. With the recent election giving us Donald trump as our new president of the united states the country is a state of change and not necessarily for the better. The presidents plan for immigration is to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country; No one is 100% certain if the…show more content…
This also holds true for our construction-worker shortage. These jobs pay an average of $27 an hour, but American workers don’t want them—they are hard, unpleasant, and not steady.” (Schwartz). Also, are citizens complaining about the lack of jobs willing to go out and get the education needed to achieve them. Many immigrants are working full time and paying to go to school to claim a small piece of that American dream to do better for their families. If we could reform the immigration laws we could push the country into a better direction, removing the immigrants is not the answer “Immigration reform would improve economic growth. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that reform would boost gross domestic product by 4.8 percent and productivity by 1.0 percent over 20 years. This expansion would have a powerful effect on easing our massive fiscal challenges. The Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that federal deficits would decrease by almost $1.2 trillion over 20 years.” (The Washington Times). Decreasing the federal deficit in 20 years instead of increasing it is a huge benefit to the country and possibly a solution it desperately needs. Economists are in somewhat of an agreement the there are positive and negative effects to immigration, but the positives out weigh the negatives. Immigrants of high- or low-skill, legal or illegal, can but are not
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