Undocumented Immigration Research Paper

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The United States is known as “the land of opportunities and hope” but it does not always offer what it portrays. Undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S. in search of “the American dream” have faced many injustices in this country, a country which claims to be free and fair. Undocumented immigrants are everywhere; however, not all immigrants are bad or trying to hurt others. In the United States, especially in California, Mexicans are the targeted group when it comes to politics and other important government issues. Mexicans are seen as invaders who are constantly killing and raping, but in reality this is not true. There are some Mexicans who kill and rape, yet there are also Mexicans who come to the U.S. to work and provide for their family.…show more content…
For example Alabama’s HB 56 is a law that restricts those who lack legal documentation in the state of Alabama; this law not only hurts “illegals” but also has a negative effect on other individuals. If we ask politicians about racism most of them will say that racism is a thing of the past; however, racism is still present today whether we like it or not because as citizens of this country we allow unjust laws to be passed and applied. “Go back to your country” are common slogans that are seen in the states surrounding the U.S. border, we ask undocumented immigrants to leave this “great nation,” but why? I am against crime and think that those who do bad things should be held accountable for their actions; however, I also think that entering the United States illegally should not be treated as the worst crime that can occur. Undocumented immigrants are doing something that is illegal but that does not mean that government officials have the right to single out individuals and categorize them as criminals for something that is not even a crime/criminal
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