Undocumented Workers At The United States

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Invisible workers are workers who are usually performing jobs or services that may be behind the scenes, unseen and unknown, maintaining a low profile to avoid detection. This country has many invisible workers and many of them are here as undocumented workers. The jobs they do and services they perform help to keep our society running smoothly in many cases. Often they do not get credit for the work that they do, but in many cases, we could not get along without them. Many of the jobs the undocumented workers perform are jobs that no one else wants to do, such as work in sanitation, janitorial, construction, etc. Because of the nature of many of these jobs, a number of them are performed by those who are here without benefit of legal documentation. Undocumented immigrants refer to “people who presently possess no proof of any right to be present in the United States, whether or not they have been declared deportable by the US government (and the vast majority have not)” (Lyon, 2004, p581). According to the United States Census Bureau there are approximately eight to eleven million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States (Porter, 2006). Each year, approximately 500,000 more arrive without legal documentation. The number of undocumented immigrants now exceeds the number of documented immigrant arrivals. The majority of the undocumented immigrants arrive from Mexico (57 to 70%) and Latin America (23 to 24%), with a smaller number from Europe and Canada (5 to 6 %
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