Undocumented Workers Benefiting America Essay

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21 March 2011 Undocumented Workers Benefiting America Contrary to what most Americans believe, illegal immigrants are not causing our economy to weaken, in fact, they are causing just the opposite. Immigration enforcement has increased greatly in the past few years and undocumented immigrant workers are being deported much more frequently. America refuses to recognize the positive impact these illegal workers have on our economy. Without the surplus of illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. our country’s economy would suffer greatly. Illegal immigrant workers help our economy flourish and they positively influence the American workforce. Even though the effect illegal immigrants have on this country is a hot topic of conversation, the…show more content…
Joe Messerli published an article that addressed the positive and negative effects immigrants have on the U.S. Obviously, having a larger population causes there to be greater competition to obtain work, however, the majority of the positions obtained by illegal immigrants are those that are undesired by Americans; low-skilled, low-paying, labor-intensive jobs (Messerli 2). Illegal immigrants pursue careers like dishwashers, landscapers, field workers, housekeepers, and food-processing plant workers. Very few Americans have the desire to obtain these jobs, whereas, illegal immigrants fill those positions gladly and do so at decreased wages. They also stay employed in those positions for many years, normally without the possibility of promotion. Americans however, only remain in such low-skilled, low-paying jobs for a short time, seeking to advance to higher paying positions. One of the biggest benefits of having undocumented workers is, that they work for decreased wages. This positively affects both employers and consumers. By hiring undocumented workers, employers are able to decrease labor costs due to the fact they are able to pay workers less. The agriculture, construction, restaurant, and hospitality industries are especially reliant on undocumented workers to provide cheep labor and to fill in the large number of low-skill, low-paying jobs. With the decrease in operational costs, companies are able to offer products and
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