Essay on Unemotional Teenage Pregnancy in "Juno"

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Skinny, blonde and beautiful. Perfect? This is the message the media gives out. You open up a magazine and see images of perfect, airbrushed, stick thin women. In television adverts the women are bright smiled, big haired and flawless. So are these women idols for young girls? Are they the stereotype? Even the majority of teen flicks use the modelesque young actresses. Is this right?

However, 2007s Juno was a different story. Quirky, witty, Juno (Ellen Page) was a not so stereotypical American, 16 year old girl. Brunette ratty hair, grey eyes and poor, scruffy dress sense pretty much sums her up. She isn’t popular. She isn’t promiscuous. She isn’t your average girl. She is not a stereotype. This doesn’t sound like your average film.
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If the humour wasn’t there, we wouldn’t know much of Juno’s personality. But, the humour stopped Juno from having any emotional scenes. I would have thought that a sixteen year old girl who is still in school would be pretty torn up if they found out that they were pregnant. But Juno seemed okay with it! I think that was one of the rare weak points of the film as I was expecting many more tears and moments where you see her sat alone in her room, thinking about what has happened.

When Juno told her dad and step mum that she was pregnant, I was expecting her parents to go mad and say how disappointed they were in her. But, all she got was ‘oh God’ from her step mother and from her father ‘I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when’. I really didn’t think that that was a realistic response. I would have thought her they would have thrown questions at Juno about contraception and how long she’s known etc. But they just let her go. Although, on the other hand, when you watch this film you do forget that Juno is 16; she looks younger. But, she is legal to be ‘sexually active’. Therefore that makes the parents reactions slightly more understandable, but still not quite realistic.

Whilst watching the film, I realised that there was an underlying message about

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