Unemployment And Its Effects On Society

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Unemployment is when a person who is vigorously looking for employment and is incapable to find work. Unemployment can affect people in a wide range of ways. The effect of idleness has far-reaching consequences. Even those who don 't undergo layoffs in an office may find that their jobs or their personal lives have been destructively impacted. Idleness, as stated above, can have a wide range of affects on different types of people, such as refugees in Austria. Walter Renner and Birgit Senft stated that Refugees have an increased risk of unemployment. Initially examined 83 unemployed refugees in Austria (Renner& Senft, 2013 p.263). It is show that a high percentage of refugees depend on social security in Austria. Once granted asylum, unemployed refugees can receive welfare support for an unlimited period. Welfare authorities may assign refugees to training courses that teach a basic knowledge of German and job-finding skills. Hansen and Lofstrom (2006) have shown that refugees contribute more than do other immigrants to the “immigrant-native welfare gap” (p. 23) in Sweden. In a Norwegian longitudinal study, Ekhaugen (2005) found that 63% of refugees still depended on social benefits in the third year of their stay and 55% of refugees (Austria (Renner& Senft, 2013 p.263). This illustrates that unemployment in their home of Austria greatly affects them by heavily depending on the support of assistance. In order to receive the support from social security they have to be
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