Unemployment And Its Effects On Society

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Everyone in this world needs to have job or money in order to survive. In the current situation, there are still tons of people all around the globe without a job and money, who struggles to live a healthy life. The person who is available for work, yet he or she does not have any opportunities is called unemployed. When we think of unemployment, we directly refer to a person without a job or “jobless”. However, we do not consider what were the causes of that situation? Or what was the result? Unemployment has always been a social scourge. It is crucial to understand the causes and effects of unemployment because it can happen to almost anyone in this globe. Also, it is equally important to resolve this issue before it rises at a higher level else it can lead to a rise in illiteracy, poverty, and underemployment. The population growth, technological advancement, job requirements, and economic loss have provoked unemployment and in turns unemployment has far ranging effects on society. One of the major causes for unemployment is the rising population. In the last few decades, there is a gigantic amount of increase in population rate in every country. This leads us to a situation where for every job opportunities, there are several people qualified for it and deciding to acquire it. However, only few people are selected and the rest of them remain unemployed. The overpopulation has also increased the demand for resources and to satisfy those demands, there is a rapid
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