Unemployment And Its Effects On The United States

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The United States is full of amazing things, historic landmarks, pizza, Nascar and countless other things that help set our nation apart. However there is one thing that our nation shares with every other nation in the world that isn’t so great, in fact many people would agree it is one of the worst things for a nation to have. No it’s not smallpox, it’s unemployment. Unemployment is unfortunately something a nation cannot vaccinate against. Sadly nations are always going to experience unemployment, and in some cases it can be a real issue. No one likes to hear about high rates of unemployment just like no one wants to catch a case of smallpox. Yet similar to how many people know little about the disease smallpox few people know much more about unemployment other than the current rate of unemployment. There are many factors that make up unemployment and influence it. This financial report will focus all about unemployment. Before one can understand the various components of unemployment it should first be understood what exactly unemployment is. Unemployment is defined as people who are currently not employed, available for work and tried to find a job within the last 4 weeks. (Makiw 299). This means that not all people without a job are necessarily considered unemployed. Workers without a job who are no longer searching for a job fall into the category of discouraged workers. This group of individuals is not included in the figure for finding the unemployment of a
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