Unemployment And Its Impact On Hospitality Industry Essay

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1.1. Introduction Over the last few years, unemployment rates in hospitality industry in south east Spain has continued to grow despite the industry registering increase in the number of tourists arriving in that region. This has resulted in socioeconomic problems that cause stress to the economy and the country at large. It is obvious that there is an urgent need to reverse this trend in order to stem this problem and avoid escalation of the socioeconomic problems to unmanageable levels. The motivation behind this project is based on the fact that previously the current situation was not experienced meaning it can be reversed. 1.2. Background information The problem of unemployment as well as under-employment in the hospitality industry related establishments that include hotels, tour operators, curio shops, conference organizers and communication businesses among others poses a complex and social policy issues. It is like other employment related issues one of the issues that afflict the south east of Spain and Spain as a whole. Unemployment and underemployment is not biased and is not only felt in Spain alone but in the world at large. Despite the unprecedented growth in the hospitality industry globally, it has become very difficult to secure a job despite the qualifications that an individual holds. 1.3. Background of the Study: The greatest challenge faced by many organizations today and especially the labour intensive industries is ensuring there is a sustainable
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