Unemployment Essay

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Options: Creating and enhancing a work placement program in every state will allow discouraged and marginalized workers a resource for finding employment that matches their skill set. This will allow the employee to be situated in a position where they can optimize their skill level, thus optimizing production, and giving the employee bargaining power, which can be used to receive benefits and a wage level that best suits their skill level (Bunzel). Additionally, if the work placement program enhances workforce participation, then there will be greater competition for employment, which should lead employees to find jobs that they are most suited for, and thus producing better job security, more efficient output levels, and higher…show more content…
Currently, the site has a lot of resources for users, however, if someone doesn’t have access to broadband, they may be unable to access these resources. Therefore, there needs to be more outreach to marginalized workers.

Recommendation: My recommendation is to provide funding to expand the work placement program in the state of Wisconsin. The program will be aimed at providing resources for those that are marginalized in the job search by offering services such as professional development and work search assistance (Job Center). The program will also work to better match employees to their optimal job by identifying and matching their skill sets. This program will continue to be state run and regulated (Job Center). Expansion of the program will also mean more community outreach, especially to more rural areas that may be short on resources such as broadband connection and information technology. Major urban areas that have a large amount of structurally unemployed individuals also need attention in providing a connection between employee and employer. Some of the funding for the program’s expansion can come from cuts to unemployment benefits that are likely too high to encourage individuals to seek new employment. To make this idea more appealing to you colleague, Senator Fitzgerald, you can suggest that some of the marginalized and discouraged
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