Satisfactory Essays This article is of high importance to understand as well as be able to place a solution for this increasing issue of unemployment and how globalization and technology effects not just the companies using them but the population as a whole the people that are being forced to leave and sit without jobs is leaving no choice but the federal government to have to deal with all that is happening and adding expenses on the treasury. The issues at hand are economic problems that greatly affect the financials of any country no matter how big, the article speaks mainly about the lack of jobs and how “There remain roughly three applicants for every open job.” This which can be related to a country having high population. Another is extending the unemployment insurance benefit from 26 weeks to 47 weeks, this also puts high costs on the US at 25Billion$. There is the idea that if the UI benefits are cut there can also be loss of jobs for already employed workers. More to add unemployment itself is a huge problem and also the period that the worker has been unemployed either highly experienced or low experienced can also have its own effects of finding and getting accepted to work again. Launching off with lack of available jobs, the main
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