Unemployment Rate In Nazi Germany

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The decrease in the unemployment rate that Germany presented, however, was misleading. Dan Silverman talks about this and how they manipulated the statistics to be more presentable to the world. He talks about a theory that suggests that Hitler counted relief workers as “employed” which makes the statistics skew towards a decrease in unemployment where that isn’t actually the case. This statistical manipulation was thought by the Nazi party to change the spirit of the people, and it did exactly that. It changed people to think more positively, it gave them hope that things were going to get better. It’s similar to what the broken window problem is with GDP. The broken window problem is that, fixing something cannot count in GDP because you’re…show more content…
“It shows how the issue of consumption in the Third Reich is best approached not just as a problem of the regime and its propaganda—as a uniquely duplicitous regime seeking to fool the masses with promises that masked the material realities of shortage—but as a manifestation of something inherent to the project of modernity more generally. (Gregor)” Gregor says that while the end that the Nazi party had in mind (their conquest of Europe and the rest of the world) was only to manipulate and fool people, they needed their population to increase its consumption to get the economy rolling after the severe recession they previously experienced. The important thing to take away form that is that, no matter what the end is, for the success of a country, it is necessary to have that country have high consumption because that is a good sign of economic flow between income and consumption and it is a sign of a healthy economy. Keynes says that there are six key objective factors that go into consumption. It has already been discussed that an increase or decrease in wages will affect consumption so the second factor is a change in the difference between income and net income. Keynes says that this is a very technical factor but it still must be thought about. It was very close to the increase or decrease in wages but those wages have to do with net income, if income increases then…show more content…
They used his ideas in the perfect situation, and they propelled the German economy at a great speed. They began working with unemployment and wage policies to lay a foundation to build upon. Once they figured out the nuances of it they got into the more technical moving parts of the economy. They integrated public works into their policy and worked to increase overall consumption by the German people. Aside from what is now known about the final agenda of the Nazi party, at the time they were the most efficient economy in terms of unemployment, consumption and production. They were heavily influenced by the Keynesian school of thought and it is evident how effectively they were able to implement his ideas. While they needed to twist some of his thoughts to fit into their situation, they relied heavily upon his influence in the early
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