Unemployment Rate Of The United States

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Brandon Phan Phan 1 Ms. Barrett English 5 20 November 2015 Rough Draft With an unemployment rate of 5% and a population of about 326,079,646 people, there can be about 163,039,823 unemployed people in the United states. There are many things that the United States government can do to reduce Unemployment. In order to reduce the unemployment rate in the United States, the United States government could reduce the federal minimum wage to allow employers to hire more employees because of the money that they save, increase the number of long term construction jobs, and decrease the number of jobs that are outsourced to other countries. Some might argue that taking these actions could cause could cause poverty, increase death…show more content…
China’s production cost are dramatically lower because of less strict regulations on safety and health. If we were to do the math and the retail price of a product is $49.99 and the material cost of the product is $4.04. If the company hired a manufacturing company that is in china then the manufacturing cost would be about 96 cents depending on the manufacturer, if you add the material cost to the production cost, then the total cost of the product for the customer would be $5.00. If the customer was buying 1 million units then the cost to build the product will be 5 million dollars. If the customer were to move production America then there would be an additional $400,000 for the entire order. Increasing the number of large scale construction projects in America will cause death and injury rates to increase. Around 4,679 people were killed in 2014 because of construction related accidents. Increasing the number large construction projects could cause the number construction related deaths and injuries to increase dramatically("Commonly Used Statistics."). “The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by electrocution, struck by object, and caught-in/between. These "Fatal Four" were responsible for more than half (58.1%) the construction worker deaths in 2014*”("Commonly Used
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