Essay on Unemployment and Migration in the Philippines

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Labor migration has created jobs for millions of Filipinos; however its success shadows its real cause. Unemployment in itself alone has many diminishing factors for growth and development. The cycle of problems of the country continues to grow which include migration, unemployment, poverty, and underemployment. This paper will aim to illustrate the effects of international migration due to unemployment status. The issue of high unemployment is a great factor in the development of the country and is generally affected by several elements such as lack of job opportunities, population growth, the annual increase in the labor force insufficiently met by the labor market, and particularly more attractive prospects in developed countries…show more content…
Despite the country’s fast growing economy, it does not benefit much of the ordinary people as the above results show. Economic growth has been limited to very few sectors that do not contribute to poverty alleviation and job creation (Heydarian, 2013). Asis (2006) noted that “the absence of sustained economic development, political instability, a growing population, double-digit unemployment levels, and low wages” resulted to Filipinos leaving their homes and families to search for better opportunities in foreign countries. The first recorded Filipino migrants were members of royal families in Sulu who have trade relations with Chinese emperors in 1417. Then the galleon trade paved the way for men to work in ships and travel to the United States and Spain (European Union, 2009). The export of laborers was seen by the Marcos administration in the early 1970s as a solution to economic problems when it coincided with the surge in the demand for contract workers in the Middle East (O’Neil, 2004). Most migrants in this period were men as the available work were under construction of infrastructures. It changed in the 1980s to demand for women as domestic and service workers (European Union, 2009). Today labor migration has continued to become a response to many issues that the country faces such as unemployment, underemployment, and poverty. In 1975 there were almost 40,000 workers who

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