Unemployment in Uae

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This paper demonstrates and discusses the subject of high unemployment in UAE, also the reasons behind it from different resources. Further the solution and the recommendation


United Arab Emirates is one of GCC members which suffer unemployment increase since the early country development time of the 70th of the past century. According to the (C.I.A The World Factbook, n.d.) the unemployment rate for the United Arab Emirates is 2.1%; with roughly 32.6% of Emirati men and 47.7% of women out of work. This is based on a study conducted in 2006 from a poll of 4,800 U.A.E nationals of working age. To break it down even further, 73.8% among those aged between 18-29
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(UAE unemployment rises to 4%, 2009) unemployment in the UAE jumped to 4 percent in 2008, from 3.45 percent in 2007, according to figure from the Ministry of Economy. Considering the fact of expatriates have left the country since the global financial crises. Which means the jobless rate among expatriates will not increase sharply. The rate among UAE nationals records a higher increase given the rapid growth in their number. However, this is not basically for economic reasons but due to the reluctance of nationals to join the private sector and their preference for the public sector.

(Anees Dayoub & Ben Flanagan, 2006), The high rate of unemployment among UAE nationals was revealed today in a study that found that 32.6% of Emirati men, and 47.7% of women, are not in work. Nepotism and the preference for imported labour were seen as being the two main factors behind this. The study by Sharjah University polled a random selection of 4,800 UAE nationals of working age. The unemployment rate among those aged 18-29 was 73.8%, the newspaper said. In the 30-39 bracket 18.6% of those polled were unemployed. Those with a university degree – representing 30.1% of the total unemployed – are actually less likely to be in work than those with a diploma (21.1% of the total). Those only educated to secondary school level constitute 35.8% of people not in

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