Essay on Unequal Childhood Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter One Here the author talks about couple of kids who belong to different social class and race. She mainly focuses on how economical condition affects parenting. Although most of the parents want the best from their kids but indeed they have to balance between their work and financial situation and tune it with their parenting style. She also talks about how middle class parenting differs from the other social class. The middle class parents mostly dominate the lives of their children while the working class parents cannot concentrate that much on their kids. She also brought a name for this phenomena called “Concerted Cultivation”. While the middle class or rich parents take control of the leisure time of their children, the…show more content…
While the middle class children learn how to “play by the rules of game”, the working class children struggle with interacting with people as they never get trained to do so. That’s why the author states, “Children raised according to the logic of concerted cultivation can gain advantages, in the form of an emerging sense of entitlement, while children raised according to the logic of natural growth tend to develop an emerging sense of constraint.” Social Stratification and Individualism: Although most American views prosperity as an individual effort, still the society is stratified and there is no way to ignore the class factors on individuals. The educational and economical life of a child still depends on the educational level of their parents and the wealth they inherit from their parents. The Study: In this section the author talks about the way of conducting the study which is the basis of this book. She has chosen a total of twelve families including six white, five black and one interracial. All the families had children who aged from 9-10 years. She visited these families at least twenty times in a time span of a month and spend time around the space where their everyday lives evolve. She also talks about how she meant to be unimportant to the families so that she can to be treated as guest. Eventually when the author and her team get used to within the families they were studying, they have literally got the real life scenarios and

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