Unequal Childhoods By Dr. Annette Lareau

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Undeniably, every family worldwide aspires to provide a better future for their children and wish for them to be happy and thrive as they grow up. However, based on the studies in Unequal Childhoods by Dr. Annette Lareau, it is shown that cultural logic of child-rearing and the general success of children’s academic studies are significantly dependent and impacted by economically societal differences and family setting. Annette Lareau invites her readers to a new perspective of child-rearing, where people are not just individual human beings, but rather class subjects. Her book, Unequal Childhoods provides the best means to demonstrate her views, via following the lives of twelve completely socially and culturally diversified…show more content…
Alexander’s family also appears less stressed when it comes to pushing Alexander to do well in a test, even though Alexander’s mother, like most mothers in middle-class category, monitors and nurtures her son’s institutional experiences , asks for her son’s classroom performance in detail and helps him in his schoolwork, unlike mothers from working-class and poor homes that grant their children with a higher autonomic sense when it comes to organizing their lives and have little knowledge of their children’s potential learning disabilities. As we can see, mothering might be regarded as intensive in all class categories, yet, there are quite different cultural practices applied in child-rearing. In an attempt to connect Lareau’s aforementioned theories to my own endeavors, I can definitely say that the way my parents have raised me has affected my educational life that led me to the college’s classrooms. My mother was always attentive and involved in my school and classroom performance. She would always help me with my homework and solve any questions I had regarding my homework, while also having a very close relationship with my teachers and tutors. In fact, she made friends with some of my teachers in the long run and asked for their opinion in matter concerning my educational development. Her behavior and support allowed me to become a competent student and opened my horizons for
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