Unequal Gender Divisions And Their Perceptions

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In recent discussion of unequal gender divisions and their perceptions in today’s society, a controversial issue has been how the oppressive male gaze has influenced a woman’s view of herself in relation to her image and societal roles. The construct of our modern world and how both men and women fit into it is derived strongly from our society’s sex stereotypes. For instance, the inherent separation between men and women leaves men regarded as tough and powerful, while women are objectified and are treated as helpless and sensitive. In fact, a woman’s power and worth is measured almost solely by her looks and how easy on the eyes she is. Today, the media, especially magazines and advertisements, is guilty of exaggerating such sex stereotypes in hopes of selling products. It seems as if a woman’s sexual appeal is all there is to her, and that her aptitude is based solely on how other men view her.
Today, beauty is seen as a double-edged sword. For some women, it’s a blessing, while for others, it’s a curse. An attractive powerful woman might have worked diligently her entire life to get to where she is, but there will always be someone who will think that she got everything handed to her on a silver platter because of her looks. On the other hand, a not-so-attractive woman is constantly coerced into altering herself by the media, society, and those around her in order to become somebody who can perhaps use her looks for her own benefit. As the influential novelist,
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