Unethical Behavior : Ethical And Unethical Activities

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Business ethics can be defined as the moral values of how a business operates, how and what the businesses decide to do and making decisions and how the employees and customers are treated. In business, you have huge responsibility on what you do and answer people who you have to, for example, shareholders, customers and clients. So, will it lead to failure if a business behaves unethically? What is actually failure? Business failure is when a company is not able to make any profits or income or not able to cover it’s expenses and make a lost. Besides that, behave unethically will also ruin the image of a business, thus, in the long run customers will no longer trust the company anymore and thats also part of failure of a business. In this essay i will include examples of unethical behaviours done by companies, ethical and unethical activities and illustrate it. Staring off with unethical behaviours done by firms, there are three types of unethical behaviours which are mistreating employees, financial misconduct and misrepresentation. First i would start of with mistreating employees. Nowadays, there are many cases and news exist about unethical behaviours towards the workers. According to Mary Strain (2013), many United States companies used Third World sweatshops to supply and produce goods; some companies even used child labours to work for them. Besides that, laws are also against employers who go with sexual harassment and unfairness towards their workers. There are
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