Unethical Behavior in Negotiations

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Unethical Behavior in Negotiations The business industry provides people with an environment where deception is not necessarily as harmful as one might be inclined to believe. Individuals involved in negotiations are likely to lie or to change the subject in order to prevent their interlocutors from being able to read them. Even when some negotiations are more complex and the persons involved have a background in doing business together people are probable to employ diverse strategies with the intention of accomplishing their goals. While most people prefer to believe that business dealings occur with complete honesty from all parts involved, the reality is that "the levels of honesty, trust and therefore cooperation are influenced by many factors like the uncertainty of the situation, the objectives, stakes and interests, the level of power, the negotiator's personality and also by the orientation given from the very beginning of the relationship." (Alavoine) Negotiations practically involve people having to be able to influence others to believe that they have little to no willingness about changing their position when they are actually very flexible. The contemporary society promotes the idea of free market and people are thus taught that they always need to focus on getting the best deals from diverse business opportunities that they come across. In order to avoid the other party's tendency to use unethical behavior during a negotiation process, one needs to emphasize
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