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From the perspective of law, excessive physical force most clearly constitutes police brutality, a term often applied loosely to various forms of police misconduct (Holmes, 2000). Over the years, police brutality continues to be an issue of concern all across the world and the need for reducing law enforcement from engaging in this unethical behavior is imperative. Although, police organizations throughout the United States have responded by tightening their "physical force", policies and reminding their officers to use
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Professionally, the rookie officer potentially could damage his career before it even began. He could also be bullied or harassed for violating the “code of silence” among officers. Not to mention, an accusation of any wrong doing will forever remain on his record and he could possibly be assigned to desk duties.

All officers involved in the beating and tasing of the suspect abused their power, but even more so the Sergeant whose job is to display exemplary ethical behavior. His job is to teach good ethics by his actions and discourage moral impurity and police misconduct. Police brutality is a reoccurring issue in the United States that we face in society. There is not enough training offered for police officers to gain throughout their career. The implementations of refresher courses are essential in helping to reduce unethical behavior/police misconduct. The training should consist of posing different scenarios involving police misconduct and how they should respond when faced with an ethical dilemma. It is therefore recommended that law enforcement be required to obtain ethical training over the course of their career. More emphasis needs to be placed on the relevance of ethical behavior especially when it involves law enforcement.

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