Unethical Behaviors Of Probation And Parole Officers

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Unethical Behaviors of Probation and Parole Officers What is Probation and Parole? The duties of a probation and parole officer are pretty universal nationwide and an officer must carry a high ethical standard in order to be successful at the job as well as values such as honesty, fairness, and consideration of others. Probation is an alternative that permits the offender to live among society with certain restrictions that are ordered by the courts. When prisons are overcrowded, an offender can be granted parole and they are given the opportunity to finish their sentence and live in society, with restrictions. Probation and parole officers both strive for the same goals: aid in rehabilitation, supervise, and protect the community as well…show more content…
Over a fifteen year time period, Augustus helped rehabilitate 1,800 offenders, mostly juveniles, and assisted them with housing, employment, and education and also made monthly reports to the courts about each offender’s progress and drew out a plan in which he created that would help each offender to their specific needs. Augustus vision to rehabilitate offenders became the foundation of our modern day probation programs. A parole system was first developed in the 19th century when people believed in reformation instead of incarceration. This system allowed an offender who was already serving time, to be released into society, and promise to live as a law abiding citizen. Alexander Maconochie is the person credited to the development of this system. He believed that prisoners should be rewarded for their good behavior and was able to try his “mark system” at the Norfolk Island facility off the coast of Australia. Prisoners earned points if they completed their duties and if they accumulated enough marks, they were allowed to leave the prison with the promise that they would abide by society’s rules and laws. Walter Crofton, administrator of the Irish Prison System in 1854, followed Maconcohie’s system and added other requirements such as finding employment and reporting monthly of their
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