Unethical Business Practice: Nike

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The role of the government also plays a major role in these challenges that are faced by Nike. As we know that government laws and regulations differ from country to country and this makes manufacturing of products very difficult challenge for the international companies like Nike. The host governments have laws concerns against consumer protection, information and labeling, employment, wages and salaries and safety of the workers who work in those firms. The international organizations must keep these rules and regulations in their minds and should abide by them. The most visible changes in the legal-political factors develop and grow out of international trade agreements and the emergence of international trade alliance between …show more content…
Nike is being hypocritical in its support of children 's programs in public schools while exploiting child labor in its shoe factories."
- The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace.

"I think that 's always been true, that basically we have not had a problem with child labor. It has been somewhat of a problem in the apparel industry, but it hasn 't been a problem at Nike factories."
- Philip Knight, CEO, Nike.
But analysts felt that in spite of some cosmetic measures, the company had not really shown any real interest in addressing the issue. Jim Cox, executive president of the New York based GCI group,5 said, "Nike has adopted a defensive attitude throughout. Recently, Nike seems to be grudgingly coming around to admitting something may be wrong but they missed an opportunity at the outset when they effectively said 'we 're Nike and we 're not doing anything wrong. We don 't own these plants so they aren 't our problem".
In 1958, Phil Knight, a keen athlete and an undergraduate at the University of Oregon, and his track coach Bill Bowerman realized the need for a good American running shoe. The track shoes produced by Adidas and Puma were made of leather, had little cushioning, and used steel spikes for traction.
Knight felt there was scope for improvement in these shoes. After graduating, Knight enrolled in the School
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