Unethical Business Practices in Glengarry Glen Ross

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The movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” presented a series of ethical dilemmas that surround a group of salesmen working for a real estate company. The value of business ethics was clearly undermined and ignored in the movie as the salesmen find alternatives to keep their jobs. The movie is very effective in illustrating how unethical business practices can easily exist in the business world. Most of the time, unethical business practices remain strong in the business world because of the culture that exists within companies. In this film, the sudden demands from management forced employees to become irrational and commit unethical business practices. In fear of losing their jobs, employees were pressured to increase sales despite possible ethical…show more content…
The culture that surrounded Ricky Roma was a catalyst to committing fraudulent activities. Yet, he had regards to his reputation, job and the organization as whole. This helped him to carry out his duties with the right business practices. Therefore, despite having some questionable instances, Ricky Roma remained the most ethical salesman in the film. A questionable instance of Rick Roma’s behavior occurred at the closing of a deal at a bar. Closing a deal means entering into a contractual agreement with clients. Now, in order for a contract to be legally binding, it requires both parties to have the capacity to enter into an agreement. During the closing of the deal at the bar, the clients were under the influence of alcohol. This alone highlights an unethical business practice on Roma’s part. Though this may present an area to question his character, Rick Roma did not necessarily lie to his client. Rather he exploited the situation and persuaded his clients into closing the deal. This is a more ethical tactic than the other salesmen for he did not deceive his clients in closing deals. His tactic is even more accepted and common in today’s business world. There are many instances where salespeople must conduct business transactions at parties or golf courses. Entertainment seems to be key and generally accepted in closing many business deals. For example, drug representatives often need to entertain healthcare providers in order to sell their

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