Unethical Conduct : Unprofessional Conduct

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Unprofessional Conduct Author’s Name Institution Introduction The place of work is ideally meant to be an ideal setting that needs to be sustained and molded by the workers’ professionalism and organizations’ policies. Basically each individual dreams of developing their carriers in an environment characterized by qualified and competitive personnel. A constructive working environment therefore enhances efficiency, productivity, performance, teamwork and friendship. However, regardless of the efforts to maintain working environment optimistic and conducive, there are employees who are less concerned with conducts and behaviors in the place of work. According to Mercedes (N/A), civilities symbolize the social norms and…show more content…
However, it was illegal for the management to secretly scrutinize the private life of Mrs. Pettit. As noted by Johnathan (2013), secret monitoring of the employees infringes on confined workplace rights. Sexuality and sexual conducts are significant to the understanding of human knowledge. In this case, the Pettits’ had a life style that acknowledged non conventional sexual behaviors that allowed them to enjoy sex with other couples. Basically, her lifestyle was hardly related with the work ethics and therefore she was justified to practice her sexual desires. However, according to the school management her behavior was however immoral as they expected her to act in accordance with her profound professional standards. It is ridiculous to find an individual with vast knowledge on the dangers of extramarital practices such as swapping ironically taking part and proudly talking about. It was recorded that Mrs. Pettit was among the best teachers who had acquired skills to effectively handle and educate children in the Elementary school, with additionally a thirteen year experience while
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