Unethical Issues of Apple Iphone Essay

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Important Note: This sample essay mainly illustrates the structure of your assignment on ethical issues of a company selected by you. You may first identify two or three ethical problems and then discuss how to solve them. Remember including relevant citations to support your evidences and viewpoints.

Ethical issues in iPhone
1. Introduction .
With an elegant combination of a mobile phone, iPod and personal digital assistant (PDA), iPhone was launched at Apple and AT&T stores across the US on June 29, 2007(Place, 2007). iPhone is by no means a prodigious success by selling one million iPhones within 3 months (Wolverton, 2007). However, what coupled with its splendid success are numerous criticisms from the general society. This paper
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This was largely seen as a response to a Greenpeace-led campaign. Now, Greenpeace was at it again, calling Apple out for taking a step backwards when it came to the toxic chemicals found in the iPhone (Riley, 2007). These chemicals also included Bromine, which had been banned in European toys thanks to its apparent impact on hormone levels in children. Greenpeace claimed that Apple was far from leading the way for a green electronics compared with its competitors, like Nokia, who hasd already sold phones free of Polyvinyl chloride (Stevens, 2007). Based on these findings it was hard to doubt that Apple took a step back from its green initiative to get the iPhone out the door. However, it was questioned whether the company would respond to this Greenpeace challenge like it did the last.

3. Suggestions .
Deceptive Advertising Practices Although deceptive practices may benefit more profit in the short run, such practices will eventually harm their business in the long run. If consumers do not get what they expect, they will switch to more reliable products. This can also cause a backlash, if corporations are more focused on profits than customer service, particularly for a company such as Apple, which claims a long-term relationship with customers. Therefore, Apple Inc. should do its possible endeavor to avoid deceptive practices in the future and
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