Unethical Or Unethical Behaviors Of The Workplace

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Recently, I have noticed some inconsistencies with some of our employees’ behavior. Several employees show up late and their time sheets are checked in on time. I have observed that offices like the accountants are open at all times and sometimes overnight. Another inconsistency is that I have noticed that the supervisors tend to pay men more while women doing the same job get paid less. I have also noticed that there is a large stack of sexual harassment claims that go unanswered and are not investigated. We are experiencing several unethical and illegal behaviors from employee and something needs to be done about this. We need to come up with tougher rules of conduct.

The purpose of this memorandum is to address unethical or illegal behaviors in the workplace. This will be done by looking at the background of what constitutes illegal or unethical behaviors, types of behaviors that can be defined as such, and the causes of unethical or illegal behaviors. This memo will also cover what other corporations are doing to address these issues and the effects it can cause on employee retention. It will also include the undesirable consequences of not accepting the proposal. As it pertains to our company, I will explain my plan to combat unethical and illegal behaviors in our company.


What constitutes unethical or illegal behavior?
According to Developing a Measure of Unethical Behavior in the Workplace: A Stakeholder Perspective written by…
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