Essay about Unethical Police Operations

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The actions of police are watched very closely. To the public, they are seen as those who protect and preserve the peace. However, there have been many situations in which victims have had to testify against a police officer because of some type of misconduct. When this happens, it takes a serious toll on the entire community. Trust becomes ruined, and in most cases the victim is left with a mental scar. Police officers have ethics that they are expected to follow. In the cases where they do not follow these ethics, they have to deal with more serious offenses. [Because of the special role that officers play in society, federal courts and professional perspectives place restrictions on an officer’s behavior on and off duty] (University Of…show more content…
A situation in Milwaukee happened where an officer was charged with raping a victim after he responded to a 911 emergency call in the community. The woman testified that the officer forced her to perform oral sex on her after calling the police about teenagers kicking at her door ("Journal Interactive Milwaukee," 2012). Of course because officers are seen as those who protect and not harm, officers who were also present when she filed the case accused her of lying. Other sources of evidence were used in this case. The officer had been charged with raping a 16 year old girl and was also charged with domestic violence charges accused of choking and beating another woman. There were other officers who knew about this type of misconduct. Had they have been bold enough to speak up they could have protected the community from Officer Cates. As a result, Officer Cates was fired and could receive up to life in prison. I strongly agree with the outcomes because I do not believe that someone who does these types of things should wear a uniform. He was very unethical, and used his uniform as a way of hurting women. I am sure that many of the things he has done have not been heard of. The case is still being reviewed, so he has not been fully convicted for his actions. Even though he may receive up to life in prison, the women and the community will never trust another officer because of one officer’s
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