Unethical Practices For Business Success Essay

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We have heard the well-used phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and have applied it well as we travel among other countries and cultures, with great success. However, in business, it does not prove to be as much of a reliable phrase to live by. General practices of businesses can sometimes prove to be unethical, even though they are quite legal, or were simply unethical in their conduct and operations, with no remorse. Unethical practices by businesses have often been a catalyst in their demise. Hence, for business success, we might say, “When in business, practicing integrity is good business,” because if it is adhered to, it can be a recipe for success.
According to an article, Unethical Rationalizations and Misconceptions, which was published by, there are countless excuses and reasons people justify unethical practices, whether they are legal or illegal. Every form of excuse, “It’s done all the time,” to “It’s always been done this way,” to “Everybody accepts it,” to “Nobody’s complained before,” to “It’s too late to change now,” to “No harm, no foul,” to name a few. These justifications are clearly evident that the ABCDs of ethical decision-making have been bypassed.
When operating a business, it is more profitable to consider every aspect of the outcome of the decisions that we make. We need to be aware of the facts of the entire situation. Who will it impact most and to what degree? How do I feel about the decision I am going to make?
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