Unethical Practices at Philip Morris Inc

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Phillip Morris Unethical Practices Introduction Phillip Morris Inc. was accused of using an overseas laboratory in German in which it conducted some of its most extensive research of the effects of smoking. The overseas site was undoubtedly chosen because the company could conduct research that would be deemed unethical or even illegal in other countries such as the United States. "This is a locale where we might do some of the things which we are reluctant to do in this country," said a memo from Philip Morris scientist H. Wakeham to Clifford Goldsmith, a senior company official (Phelps, 1996). Therefore the choice to use German for the research was premeditated for specific purposes. Furthermore, not only did the company use foreign locations to have more freedom with research, this also allowed them more freedom to suppress the results of the research if the results did not turn out the way they were hoping for. They even planned this ahead of time. For example, an internal memo reads: "I have given Carolyn (Levy) approval to proceed with this study. If she is able to demonstrate, as she anticipates, no withdrawal effects of nicotine, we will want to pursue this avenue with some vigor. If, however, the results with nicotine are similar to those gotten with morphine and caffeine, we will want to bury it. Accordingly, there are only two copies of this memo, the one attached and the original which I have." Injured Parties The injured parties by Phillip

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