Unethical Tactics - Unethical Influence Tactics

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Unethical Influence Tactics
The concepts of power and influence are interconnected. Power is the potential or capacity to influence. In contrast, influence is the application of power to accomplish a specific purpose (Bacon, 2012). It is necessary for leaders to exert power in order to achieve organizational objectives. However, it is imperative they are able to influence their followers effectively.
There are a variety of influence techniques. Leaders most frequently utilize positive influence techniques (Bal, Campbell, Steed, & Meddings, 2008). However, there are also unethical or “dark” influence techniques that leader’s sometime use. When leaders use these influence tactics, they force followers to act when they would otherwise choose not to. This essay will explore and analyze several unethical influence tactics that were used at Amedisys to get employees to comply with leaders’ demands.
Brief Overview
Amedisys is one of the largest home health care providers in America. They operate in 37 states and have 10,100 home health care employees (Amedisys, 2015). Bill Borne is the former CEO and Deanna Gordinier is currently the director of operations for an Amedisys agency in Louisville Kentucky.
Amedisys serves primary Medicare patients, which represents 83% of their funding. Medicare requires patients to be homebound, meaning it must take considerable effort for the patient to leave their home. When a clinician would report a non-homebound patient status…
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