Uneven Distribution of Life in America

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The wealth gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow in America as it has in recent decades. Wealth distribution in America has not been this unequal since 1928, the year before the Great Depression started. The richest four hundred people in America have more money than the one hundred fifty million poorest Americans combined. The wealth gap needs to shrink due to the negative repercussions of wealth inequality. Wealth inequality leads to inequality in other aspects of life. Uneven distribution of wealth stunts economic growth as well as limits socio economic mobility. It also leads to a shorter lifespan for the less wealthy. In recent years, the issue of this uneven distribution of wealth in America has come to the forefront. President Obama even dedicated part of his last State of the Union address to this problem. Statistics revealing the distribution of wealth to each social class is easily obtainable for the general public. But, the uneven distribution of wealth is not a problem that developed overnight. The gap in wealth between the rich and the poor has been growing for decades. Uneven wealth distribution became an issue once before in America, in the 1920’s. A small group of people were beginning to point out that most of the wealth in America was in the hands of a few wealthy men. This idea was not shared by the vast majority though. A New York Times article that was written in 1921 dismisses the uneven wealth distribution talk as “socialist propaganda”.

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