Unexpected Friendship

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As much as humans like to control their own lives, there are many aspects that are outside of our control. For example, we do not choose the families into which we are born or the places where we grow up. The same is sometimes true of friendships. Some friends we choose because we identify them as people who are similar to us and because they offer us something we want. Occasionally, however, we make unexpected friends. For example, a young person bumps into someone at the library who is crying because she has lost an important paper she was writing for school. As a result, the two become friends and learn that helping people through tough times is at the core of strong relationships. Assignment Tell the story of a time you made an…show more content…
The lovely office assistance had directed us to a room located in the back while they "sorted things out". It was here we all gathered for a far more unique situation to happen. As we settled in, claiming chairs around a circular table, everyone remained silent. After a few minutes passed noiselessly, I took the courageous step to break the ice, telling everyone about how glad I was to not be alone in this revolution, thanking them for helping me out. I recognized all the faces around me, one of which I did not enjoy seeing; Cody. Cody was a guy that I didn 't quite consider a friend. Obnoxious, constantly negative, always calling for attention, ceaselessly instigating fights whenever he can. But, to my surprise, there sat Cody… silent. "Odd" was the constant thought running through my mind, but enough curiosity over it, I had a troop morale to keep afloat. In order to do so I 'd ask dumb questions to people, giving little quips to people hoping to get everyone giggling. Though my plan was a success at first, everyone was smiling at my last impressions of our "doggy poo-poo headed substitute", our room 's door had opened up and one of our office ladies had walked in. Without a word she walked to the back of the room, grabbed to separate, one-gallon containers of water and made her way back towards the exit, everyone remained silent. Right before she finished closing the door, I decided to continue the jokes by stupidly uttering "nice jugs", in
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