Unexpected Influences On Identity Development

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Maria I. Crespo
Professor P. Milanes
English 126 JK1
March 29, 2016 Unexpected Influences on Identity Individuals’ perspectives, communications and behaviors are affected by various combinations of elements that impact their personalities, for instance: genetics, culture, time, education, society, and how they are raised. At early years identity development is shaped by everything that they come in contact; however, in the adulthood each individual chooses, rejects or simply accepts those influences to guide their lives. For that reason, through the formation of identities, people are the most important and influential because they help to achieve personal, emotional and educational evolution/growth. Commonly an adult’s identity is influenced by total strangers to them; however, it can also be influenced by known persons they least expected. Therefore, someone younger that has been in their lives regularly, or even someone that seems less capable and had no physical interaction might altered their identities gradually and significantly. For example, Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” is about the reunion of two old friends and her husband, who is the narrator. The narrator’s wife and Robert –a blind person– have been friends for a decade, when she worked for him as a “reader” (before marrying her first husband). The narrator is characterized as being a jealous, judgmental, closed-minded person towards Robert. However, their encounter with the blind…
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