Unfair Competition Of Chicago, Il

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Keywords: unfair competition in Chicago, IL, related antitrust in Chicago, IL trade secret protection in Chicago, IL, intellectual property lawyer in Chicago, IL Filing Suit for Unfair Competition in Chicago, IL Unfair competition in Chicago, Illinois refers to economic harm caused to an individual or organization due to some sort of deceptive practice. Unfair competition in Chicago, Illinois may refer to acts that are used to confuse consumers, as well as a number of other actions that are inappropriate. Examples of unfair competition include false advertising, misrepresentation, the misappropriation of trade secrets, and other similar acts. What do you do if you feel that another individual or organization has used methods of unfair competition, causing economic harm to you or your company? The first step is hiring an attorney that handles claims of unfair competition. Depending on the nature of your claim, you may need an attorney that is experienced in both state and federal law. As you peruse the websites and listings of attorneys in your area, check to see if they list unfair competition as one of their practice areas. Once you hire an attorney, you will work with that attorney to pursue your claim. Your attorney will ask you for various forms of proof of the unfair competition, and perhaps even for the names of witnesses who have knowledge of it. Naming the proper defendants is also key to the success of unfair competition claims. In many cases, it may be
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