Essay about Unfair Drug Laws in America

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The existing drug laws are very inefficient. This paper will focus on the people and the specific elements that are affected by the inefficiency of the drug laws. When looking at the drug laws at a glance a person might be lead to think that they would be very effective and they seem reasonable. While drug laws in themselves are necessarily wrong, some of the discrepancies in the laws make them unfair and take from the category of handing down justice and puts them into the category of cruel and unusual. First there will be an analysis of prohibition throughout American history, then an analysis of what the actual crimes and punishments are for a few of the drugs in the United States. Next there will be a look into who is affected by…show more content…
This was a time period where the government was very liberal pertaining to drug laws. The government did not think that it was their place to tell people what was useful for them to take or not. During this time period the U.S. used to import and export opiates to other countries. In the period before 1913 the alcohol taxes provided about half of the federal income, but in that year an income tax was introduced which in turn made a decision to prohibit alcohol much easier for those who were making the decision in the government. Between of years of 1919-1923 is where the American people lost their rights to control their own medical treatment. The act that was passed that took this right away was the Harrison act. This act restricted doctors to prescribing narcotics only in the course of their professional practice. The passing of this law lead to lead to the harassing of doctors who did no follow the laws and sent a message to those who did not pay close attention to the specific definition of what constituted as professional practice. This was of course dependant on the persons interpretation was. There ended up being a number of doctors that ended up getting jail time and many others with warnings. This act also put a restriction on the physicians and their ability to give drugs. The physicians could only give drugs on a doctor?s prescription. January 16, 1920 was the
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