Unfair Labour Practices

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ASSIGHNMENT OF LABOUR LAW ON UNFAIR LABOUR PRACTICES Submitted to- submitted by- Mrs Archna Shukla Shikhar Dixit B.A. LL.B(H) V sem (A8108309048) UNFAIR LABOUR PRACTICES ------------------------------------------------- Chapter- 10 of The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 deals with the unfair labour practices. Section- 25T ------------------------------------------------- Prohibition of unfair labour practice No employer or workman or a trade union, whether registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 (16 of 1926), or not, shall commit any unfair labour practice…show more content…
To insist upon individual workmen, who are on a legal strike to sign a good conduct bond, as a pre-condition to allowing them to resume work. 9. To show favouritism or partiality to one set of workers regardless of merit. 10. To employ workmen as ‘badlis”, casuals or temporaries and to continue them as such for years, with the object of depriving them of the status and privileges of permanent workmen. 11. To discharge or discriminate against any workman for filing charges or testifying against an employer in any enquiry or proceeding relating to any industrial dispute. 12. To recruit workmen during a strike which is not an illegal strike. 13. Failure to implement award, settlement or agreement. 14. To indulge in act,, of force or violence. 15. To refuse to bargain collectively, in good faith with the recognised trade unions. 16. Proposing or continuing a lock-out deemed to be illegal under this Act. It is difficult to define and lay down exhaustive test of unfair labour practice, but it may be said that any practice, which violates the directive principles of state policy contained in Article 43 of the constitution and such other Articles as deal with the decent wages and living conditions for workmen amount to unfair practice. In Eveready flash light company. Labour court barielly, the company appointed a workman on daily rate basis on 18th January 1958 after trying him

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