Unfair Labour Practices

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Research Paper on Unfair Labor Practice ________________________________________ Introduction The development of fair labor standards and its adoption in the business world was aimed at achieving a decent and humane working condition (farex. 2012). This defines the manner in which the relationship between the employer and the employees should be based on several principles based on the constitution. Fair labor practices include principles like non discrimination in which no person should be discriminated from employment in terms of hiring, compensation, retirement or termination and discipline, bias on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, political opinion and others(fair labor association, 2012). In…show more content…
Unfair labor practices are hence the actions by union or employer that act to restrain or interfere with the rights laid down in the NLRA. ________________________________________ On their part, employers commit unfair labor practices when they dominate or interfere with the formation of labor unions, coerce employees not to join labor unions for threats that they will lose their jobs, refuse to bargain with unions that legally represent the employees, threaten workers of company closure in the case of formation of a union, fire or punish employees refraining or withdrawing from unions, or use benefits to have some workers influence the support of unions, refuse to process workers grievances concerning unfair unions or union official among others (findlaw, 2012). ________________________________________ On the other hand, unions commit unfair labor practices when they restrain or coerce members in their right to join or refrain from a union or even bargain collectively, discriminate against an employee or cause an employer to discriminate against an employee, refuse to bargain in good faith, engage in recognition or organizational picketing by uncertified unions among others (Vettori, 2005). In both cases, the US labor relations attempts to use collective bargaining to regulate labor relations through setting ground rules for
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